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What services do we offer?

We run city bike tours of contemporary architecture. Our guides are qualified architects who have studied and work in Barcelona and who speak a number of different languages. The explanations that they give are accompanied by graphic displays on tablets built in to the bicycles.

For more independent enthusiasts or those with a tight schedule, we also provide a rental service for folding bicycles delivered to your door.

Why by bicycle?

On our bike tours, we show you around our city for you to get a real feel of the place through its contemporary architecture. We do this by bike because, quite simply, it is more fun, efficient, healthy and sustainable.

Over recent years, the bicycle has become one of the most popular means of transport around Barcelona. The city’s growing network of cycle lanes and its gentle slopes make it ideal for enjoying impressive tours without great effort.

A bike tour enables us to:

  1. Cover large distances (approximately 10 km) within the ideal timeframe to carry out a tour (2:30h-3:00h).
  2. Organize extensive themed tours around the city linking the most relevant works of architecture.
  3. Escape the thronging masses of the city centre. We do not want to queue or get in the way of pedestrians. Our aim is to ride along at a leisurely pace based on the principles of ‘Slow Touring’, making the most of the experience and exchanging ideas and thoughts with our companions.
Why Barcelona?

Over the last 25 years, Barcelona has firmly consolidated its status as a world leader in terms of modern architecture and design. Beyond its historic old town, Gaudí’s legacy and the city’s beaches, Barcelona has a wealth of other architectural delights to offer.

ArchiBikes has extended the scope of its tours so that our companions can get greater insight into the city and accompany us as we discover remarkable works of architecture away from the historic centre. We take great pleasure in showing our city and explaining how it has evolved through the perspective of architecture and urban development.

Who are we?

ArchiBikes is a team of local architects who are passionate about Barcelona and who follow the city’s evolution with great interest. We have also participated actively in some of its more recent urban transformations, such as the area around the Forum and 22@ District.

After working for over 15 years in different architecture firms, we founded ArchiBikes to combine three of our greatest passions: Barcelona, architecture and cycling.

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Photos by Marcus Mailov