All of us have gone through the same places hundreds of times, without even stopping, going to work, to the station, to the university, to our children’s school, etc. Some places of these quotidian journeys have able to catch our attention in a particular way, strangely, suggestively and sometimes uncomfortably.

We want to talk about these places in the city that have unwittingly become part of each of us. Places we consider our own but we also share with unknown people, which makes them even more special. Places often disappeared and as we realize we feel emptiness for a moment because something meaningful for us no longer exists. Changing places that come alive beyond the life we provide them with our own thoughts.

ArchiBikers live these places by bike, going from one side to another in Barcelona. But now we have decided to stop and dedicate a few minutes to simply take a picture and share it with you.

Surely each of you have your own odd places and perhaps you often find them walking, skating, running, going by motorbike, by bus, etc. Do not lose sight of them in your day to day, these places always have something to tell you and if you can stop for a moment in front of theme, they will be generous with your memory…


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