Art, two points

Art, two points

Barcelona lives contemporary art.

ArchiBikes suggests you to visit the exhibition ART, TWO POINTS staged at MACBA and also at CaixaForum.

The pieces in exhibition allow the visitor to understand the evolution of the art in Barcelona from the International Exhibition in 1.888 to nowadays.

The architecture is included in this look over the art, starting at the Modernism period whit the intention of putting the mark in the own identity. After this, the Modern Movement explores the internationalization of specific architectural principles. This period is suddenly broken by the Civil War and is symbolized by the Spanish pavilion on the Paris World Fair 1.937 projected by Josep Lluí Sert asking for help for the Spanish republic government with the exhibition of the Guernica painting by Picasso.

After a long period of war and post-war, around 1.950 Barcelona recovers the best architectural tradition at the same time as certain openness to new ideas from the dictatorial regime. This architecture will emphasize the regional tradition, well regarded by the government. An example would be the IX Milan Triennial pavilion projected by José Antonio Coderch.

Since that moment the last technical advances and the international aesthetic tendencies are introduced again in the architecture. At the same time, an special interest on urban infrastructures and public space appears. In this sense, the city takes advantage from the resulting urban and architectural works for the 1.992 Olympic Games.

At the last decades it has been recognized the intrinsic value of the object like a complete element in art as well as in architecture. Also it has been developed a constant exploration of the textures in art and in architecture . Furthermore it has reappeared with force movements that bind the art and the architecture with social recognitions.

This is an art exhibition that allows you to understand the artistic context in which Barcelona architecture has been built up during the last century. This architecture is nowadays the formal and urban heritage of the city.

We have really enjoyed visiting this exhibition and we hope you also enjoy it.

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